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Here are all of the flat pages contained under the prefix /about/help/ (including in nested directories).

  • Administration help

    Applications Flags Bans Content moderators Social moderators Staff and superusers The Django admin app

  • API help

    Activity stream

  • Folders help

    Folders help

  • Honeycomb Help

    General Honeycomb help

  • Markdown help

    Honeycomb lets users write with rich formatting in several different places. Submissions, obviously, but also in comments, in user profiles, in content flags, bans, applications, publisher pages...just about anywhere you see a big textbox, markdown is welcome! Markdown is a simple way to format your text for the web so ...

  • Promotions help

    Promotions Pay to promote Staff highlights Ads Events

  • Publisher pages

    Publishers Claiming Events

  • Submissions help

    Files Honeycomb supports uploading several different filetypes for your submissions! Here's how that works: Select a file to upload when creating or editing a submission The contents of the uploaded file supercede any contents in the 'content box'; if you are uploading a file, it will replace all of those ...

  • Tagging help

    All about tags Tags are a very general way to categorize submissions. A submission can have many tags, and a tag can belong to many submissions. This means that you can describe what's happening in a submission through the use of tags. For instance, you could say that your submission ...

  • User help

    Watching Blocking Groups Messages