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Credit where credit is due! The inspiration for Honeycomb came from a discussion among members of The Furry Writers' Guild on what an ideal writing site should be. It should be:

  • easy to post one's work,
  • easy to interact socially with other users,
  • easy to promote works to others through promotions or editor highlights,
  • easy to organize work through tags and folders,
  • easy to discover new authors and their work, and
  • easy for publishers to maintain a presence through pages and advertising.

From out of the FWGs discussions came a specification, which was picked up by OpenFurry as a project. The intent was to provide an implementation and website for use by the furry subculture. The project was open-sourced to allow other communities of writers and readers to use it and contribute as well!

Additionally, the following resources contributed to make the Honeycomb project what it is:

Django is the framework upon which Honeycomb is built
Bootstrap provides the stylistic framework for the site
The Glyphicons icon font provides most of the icons you see throughout the site
django-taggit provides the mechanism used for tagging submissions
Haystack provides Honeycomb's search functionality
Coveralls ensures that test coverage remains above a certain level. Current coverage of the master branch of Honeycomb is Coverage status
Travis CI ensures that all tests pass whenever a change is made to the source code of Honeycomb. The current build status of the master branch of Honeycomb is Build status

The name references the common area within the rabbits' warren in the book Watership Down and is intended to evoke a sense of a comfortable place of community and creativity. Thanks to Searska for the suggestion!